A Unique Event Exploring Matters of Life, Death and Beyond.

History of Mourning Customs, Death Positive, Paranormal, Spiritual Arts & More!

A one of a kind event on
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From the macabre to healing arts and oddball trinkets - we'll have it all!  
We are going to talk about life - death - and everything in between.
But, maybe you have some questions, like: How did people observe mourning traditions?  Hair, inside jewelry?  Coffins vs. caskets?  What is the difference between a cemetery and graveyard? What is energy like?  What is on the other side?  Tarot readings?  Past lives?  Near death experience?  How does paranormal equipment work?  Ouija? What is a Death Cafe?  And what are green burials?  And, Death Positive? How do you move on from grief and loss?  Where do you find a bone saw?  ...and, bones?!
Have we piqued your interest yet???
This special event will combine a variety of interests focused around the matters of life and death.  We'll answer much of the above, and more! 
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DO you give talks on the paranormal, the spiritual realm, mystical arts, death or grief? 

DO you have a Historic Exhibit or Collection you would like to share?

ARE you a Paranormal Group?  Medium?  Spiritual Healer?

ARE you a vendor offering unique items that you think would be suitable for this event?

Answered YES?   Message us!  We'd be happy to talk to you more about the event




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